Hamilton Water Economics

  Joel R. Hamilton
  Professor Emeritus of Agricultural Economics and Statistics
  University of Idaho
  Moscow, Idaho 83843-2334

          Cell Phone:    (208) 506-5944

My Academic & Consulting Interests:

            Land, water, and energy resource economics
            Economics of endangered species recovery
            Regional economic aspects of rural communities
            Methods for conflict resolution and management

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A Copy of My CV:           Long UI Version  (5/30/2001)      Short Version  (2/23/2011)

Professionally Related Links:   

I was a member of the Department of Agricultural Economics and the 
Department of Statistics at the University of Idaho until my retirement in 2002.

            Department of Agricultural Economics at the UI
            Division of Statistics at the UI
            University of Idaho Web Page

I have been a member of the Independent Economic Analysis Board of the 
Northwest Power Planning and Conservation Council since 1997.

            NW Power Planning Council
             Independent Economic Analysis Board (IEAB)

Prior to my retiremrnt from the University of Idaho, I was associated 
with the 
University of Washington Climate Impacts Group
            UW Glimate Impacts Group

I once served as director of the UI Martin Institute and continue to serve as a member 
of the Martin Institute Advisory Board and Supervisory Committee.

            Martin Institute

I have served as a member of the City of Moscow Planning and Zoning Commission 
since 1981 and the City of Moscow Transportation Commission since 2008

            City of Moscow Planning and Zoning Commission
            City of Moscow Transportation Commission

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